Humble beginnings

Pole Star Digital's first office
Founded in 2015. Pole Star Digital began life in an outhouse in the Cotswolds, UK. Where founder Ned Poulter spent the first year: working, sleeping, and eating in one (admittedly rather nice) self-contained room. It was these humble beginnings that have always kept Pole Star Digital's approach grounded and honest. Officially Pole Star Digital's first office!

Destination: Manchester

Relocating to Manchester
As the business flourished, Pole Star Digital relocated from the Cotswolds to our beloved Manchester. It was an easy decision to make. Familiar to Ned Poulter as it was the place he studied at university and started his career, coupled with one of the most exciting cities in Europe, Manchester is and always will be our spiritual home.

Moving on up

Brand new shiny offices
With expansion came success, having doubled turnover every year since inception. Pole Star Digital then moved to a shiny brand new office at the prestigious No. 1 Spinningfields.

We're gonna need a bigger boat...

Bigger shinier offices!
After a relatively short time Pole Star Digital outgrew its new office space, and opted to move to a bigger office. Still at No. 1 Spinningfields in Manchester, we 'sized up'. After all, we needed somewhere to put all the digital marketing books, and Star Wars memorabilia!

'Growth for growth sake' is overrated

Onwards & upwards
After an exhilarating first few years, a lot of expert consultation and after great deliberation. In 2019 we took the decision to bring the business back to its core offering and galvanised it around Pole Star Digital's core values. Pole Star Digital left No. 1 Spinningfields but remained in the heart of Manchester city centre - our spiritual home - in the bustling & upcoming Ancoats neighbourhood. We continue to serve global clients delivering inspiration solutions, with exceptional results.

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