+41.28% Increase in Revenue for Quality Bed Linen Specialist

Cologne & Cotton

Founded in 1989, Cologne & Cotton have a rich heritage of providing quality yet affordable bed linen. Originally, through their store in Leamington Spa, but more recently through their stores in Cheltenham, Marylebone, Fulham, and Kensington in London, as well as their website.

The Challenge

We began working with Cologne & Cotton in 2016, who were undergoing a website migration, refreshing their online brand to bring it more in-line with customers expectations & rapid changes in technology. Taking into consideration the considerable impact this could have on the business, we helped manage the migration process by working alongside the designers and the developers to translate the proposals into a technically sound reality.

Our Solution

Before the website migration Pole Star Digital outlined a comprehensive strategy aimed at boosting their website revenues & improving website conversion rate. We setup paid activity on Google Ads, Bing Ads & Google Shopping increasing Cologne & Cotton’s visibility online and driving qualified ROI-positive traffic to key products and product lines.

We continued to execute this strategy following the migration to the new website, ensuring that no search engine visibility was lost, as well as continually driving qualified traffic. Latterly we launched a basket abandonment programme aimed at capitalising on the site traffic that we had observed were readily adding products to baskets, but not completing purchases.

After a number of immersion sessions with the client, we outlined devised an approach to strategically utilise paid media & on-site improvements to both drive qualified traffic to higher converting areas of the site, and to capitalise on the levels of traffic that the site received.

Working closely with Cologne & Cotton in addition to partner agencies (web designers and developers) we worked through the strategic priorities, and helped bring the website in-line with modern best practices, whilst not losing visibility, and capitalising on the revenue-making ability of the website.



Technical SEO

Paid Media

Conversion Optimisation

Web Analytics

The Results

Cologne & Cotton wisely invested in the external correct team at the right time to manage the process of bringing their online presence up-to-date. A strategic use of the appropriate channels for them helped to capitalise on opportunity that was previously under-explored. This not only gave the brand a whole new look online, but also showed massive increases in the revenue generated from online sources.


Increase in Revenue (vs. previous period)

Aside from ambiguous results & arbitrary metrics, our collaboration helped us to focus on identifying Cologne & Cotton’s business needs and executing strategies that would truly make a difference. As a focus on driving real-world results is something we employ in all our work at Pole Star Digital. Our focus on driving qualified traffic and helping customers through the buying process online, not only bolstered visibility & traffic, but helped Cologne & Cotton appeal to the needs of their customers. We helped increase their revenue significantly, positively influence their eCommerce conversion rates, and increase their transactions by nearly 50% which added hundreds of thousands of pounds to their bottom line.

These impressive results are testament to the integrated and consultative approach that we employ at Pole Star Digital. Proving what intelligent tactical thinking and purposeful execution can achieve for aspiring eCommerce brands, influencing real-world results with inspiring digital marketing solutions.


Increase in eCommerce Conv. Rate (vs. previous period)

Why us?

Since we were founded in 2015, we have provided an average 2871.83% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for all our PPC clients.

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