Aiding Growth of Local Lighting Business With 3257.79% ROAS

Lighting Room

With a rich heritage of 25+ years in the lighting industry, Lighting Room supply everything from traditional to modern lighting from the leading brands, at competitive prices. In a competitive marketplace, what stands them apart is over their years in the industry, they have always striven to provide a family-run, down to earth and approachable service to their customers. They compete by being genuine. Doing away with customer service hotlines and sitting in lengthy online queues, Lighting Room offer their depth of insider knowledge directly endeavouring to fulfil the clients requests with genuine care & attention. Whether it be: providing advice on the installation of lighting, style ideas, or helping inform your choice based on your chosen criteria.

The Challenge

While lighting fixtures and fittings in a variety of styles and from a number of brands are readily available in numerous showrooms across the country, Lighting Room were faced with the familiar challenge of having one physical location in a small village in Lancashire, and a geographical limit to their customer base. Their ambition was to get setup to sell online, circumventing geographical restrictions and offering their friendly, personal, service to people across the UK (and further afield!).

Moreover, while getting a website online was a relatively achievable task, we uncovered that a major requirement for the website to be successful was the ability to manage and control a wide inventory of products from numerous brands, that were often being discontinued, having prices updated, or simply going out of stock.

Our Solution

We held an initial immersion session with the client in person at their showroom. During this, we set about understanding more about them and what their ambitions were. From this we were able to identify what strategy would best suit them, and help to achieve their ambitions. In turn, we consulted and identified what steps were needed to be taken to enable us to activate this strategy with them, while also identifying areas that would be less fruitful, allowing us to focus the strategy on achieving real-world returns.

We assisted them in developing and launching their website, implementing web analytics to ensure that we could attribute the value of our successes correctly. In addition to this, in order to unlock one of the major challenges they were faced with, we then set about speccing out and developing a fully customisable product import system, which would enable them a future-proofed solution to manage their online inventory.

We then went about creating optimised product feeds, that enabled us to launch Google Ads & Google Shopping campaigns, aimed at promoting these products to individuals searching for them, from much further than their previous geographical restrictions had allowed.




Facebook Ads

Web Analytics

Digital Consultancy

The Results

Understanding the opportunity that presented itself to Lighting Room if executed correctly, we remained committed to executing a strategy that would help grow their business, by delivering sales. By working in an agile & flexible manner we were able to work alongside Lighting Room to meet their needs and evolve the strategy over time.

Our focus on establishing the fundamentals for Lighting Room to trade online, while driving qualified traffic through select channels, helped them to overcome their geographical limitations, and begin selling on a much broader, national, scale. By bolstering Lighting Room’s visibility & traffic we helped increase their revenue significantly and doing so in an ROI-positive nature, delivering a very strong average of 3257.79% return on ad spend (ROAS).

These impressive results are testament to the integrated and consultative approach that we employ at Pole Star Digital. Proving what intelligent tactical thinking and purposeful execution can achieve for aspiring eCommerce brands, influencing real-world results with inspiring digital marketing solutions.


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

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Since we were founded in 2015, we have provided an average 2871.83%% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for all our PPC clients.

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