+45.93% Increase in Organic Goal Conversions for Nationwide Skin Treatment Provider

Sk:n Clinics

Sk:n Clinics are the UK’s leading skin clinic. They have 52 clinics spanning the UK, from London to Leicester, Guildford to Glasgow. Offering the best in dermatology and skin care treatments such as: acne scar treatment, microdermabrasion, laser hair and tattoo removal. In their 25+ year history they have treated more than 2 million customers nationwide.

The Challenge

We began working with Sk:n Clinics in 2016, who – over a number of years – had seen their organic visibility notably stagnate – something that wasn’t supporting the objectives of the business and off-line ambitious growth. Partnering with a handful of firms, Pole Star Digital employed a consultative approach to outlining a comprehensive strategy aimed at boosting their organic visibility, with the ultimate objective of stabilising & growing their offline sales.

Our Solution

After a number of immersion sessions with the client, we outlined an extensive SEO & Content strategy covering: on-page SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO, and Content Development, and set about putting it into action.

Working closely with the team at Sk:n Clinics in addition to partner agencies we worked through the strategic priorities, including analysing and creating more relevant content for the users of the site, bolstering their local visibility (in light of the changing nature of search results) and refining their on-page experience and optimisation. In addition to this, a thorough technical audit was conducted for the website, outlining key issues that were causing their on-site experience to not keep up with their rapid national growth. By strategically analysing and selecting internal linking opportunities, we increased relevancy for the on-site experience. In addition to this, we implemented schema to capitalise on Sk:n Clinic’s authority and strengthen visibility for ‘position 0’ opportunities.

By focusing on creating content that not only augmented visibility, but served a real purpose for the users, we avoided pages that were somewhat templated and served little purpose – something which had been targeted by Google algorithms. We strategically prioritised our workflow, watching key performance indicators over-time, allowing data to inform our decision-making at every step of the way.



Technical SEO

Local SEO

Keyword Research & Analysis

Content Strategy

The Results

As it manifested, a breath of fresh air was exactly what was needed for Sk:n Clinics. An intelligent and well-thought out strategy saw a noticeable upturn in visibility across the period that we worked alongside the client. Not only driving a notable increase in visibility, but also an increase in organic traffic to support this.


Increase in organic traffic (YoY)

Of course, visibility and traffic can be somewhat arbitrary measures in their own right – an increase in visibility doesn’t necessitate even an increase in traffic, let alone having an effect on driving real-world results. As a focus on driving real-world results is something we employ in all our work at Pole Star Digital. Our focus on increasing relevancy not only bolstered visibility and traffic, but helped Sk:n Clinics to be in front of the right people at the right time. By driving more engaged traffic to the site, delivering an experience that matched their expectations and meeting their user needs, this showed with a large increase in the goals completed *from organic search vs. previous period (*where goals were largely appointment bookings at the clinics nationwide).

These impressive results are testament to the integrated and consultative approach that we employ at Pole Star Digital. Proving what solid strategic thinking and purposeful execution can achieve at a national-scale, influencing real-world results with inspiring digital marketing solutions.


Increase in goal completions from organic search (YoY)

Why us?

Since we were founded in 2015, we have provided an average increase in visibility of 49.71% in the first 6 months of working with all our SEO clients.

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