Taking Crowdfunded Sunglasses Company to Digital Maturity with 823.85% ROAS from PPC


Established in 2014 by 3 proudly Scottish friends, photographers, and (little did they know it) budding entrepreneurs. The idea for Tens was discovered on a roadtrip through the Scottish Highlands, where friends Marty, Tom and Kris felt that sunglasses shouldn’t be focused on how you look whilst wearing them; more so on how everything looks through them, and the way that it makes the user feel. They took they concept to market through crowdfunding, which was immensely popular and validated their beliefs. Since then they set about honing and crafting their vision in developing Tens as a lens experience company. Making the world look a better place.

The Challenge

As with a lot of young online product-first companies, the team at Tens were in a not unique position of looking to establish a basis for digital marketing such that they could test individual online channels for viability to support their growth. This included understanding: important metrics & KPIs (working cost-per-order, profitability margins between products etc.), creating campaigns in various channels aimed at validating those that worked (and those that didn’t!), and then optimising these for scale moving forward.

They were understandably a small and incredibly busy team, and were looking for someone to work alongside them in a consultative and personal manner, guiding their activity as they focused on honing their messaging and galvanising the brand.

Our Solution

We travelled to Glasgow to hold a full-day immersion session with the client to understand the scope of the their activities to date, interpret their channel makeup, and identify the challenges that they faced. Once doing this, we set about ensuring that fundamentals were in place and that their web analytics and tracking pixels were aligned with their true business metrics. At this essential stage this ensured that we could rely on data to make important decisions, to grow and develop the brand. From here we then went about setting up different channels, developing product feeds, and optimising the technical aspects of their website to support digital marketing activity moving forward.

Always working with the clients best interests in mind, we introduced a web development partner to Tens from our network of pre-approved consultants & freelancers. These helped to assist with the creation of product- and competition-specific landing pages, as well a developing a blog from which to share their vision with the world.

Working in a flexible and agile way we then looked for additional opportunities for appropriate co-branding activity. We secured this through our contacts at Hostelworld from which we devised a massive joint activation aligning the brand with a healthy representation of their target market, catapulting their audience growth and brand reach.




Facebook Ads

Web Analytics

Digital Consultancy

The Results

Using partners introduced through our network, we helped to update & optimise their website before establishing and growing campaigns specifically geared towards driving profitable product sales. We established activity in: Google Ads, Google Shopping, BingAds, Bing Shopping, Facebook & Instagram Ads. These all contributed to increasing product sales, doing so in-line with target cost-per-acquisitions and profit margins, ultimately driving true ROI from various channels that prior to working together weren’t being used.

On top of this we also used co-branded activations to: massively expand their brand exposure to a broad but incredibly relevant target audience, increasing their database of loyal followers and brand advocates further expanding their reach & customer base for years to come.


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) from PPC

For many brands such as Tens embarking on digital marketing can be a daunting (and costly!) exercise. We found that by aligning with them on their vision and by working in a consultative manner alongside them as a team, we were able to deliver significant value over and above the scope of our activity, proving genuine ROAS from campaigns, and developing a solid base from which to grow Tens.


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) from Social Media

Why us?

Since we were founded in 2015, we have provided an average 2871.83% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for all our PPC clients.

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