Driving Strategic International Growth of Much-Loved Sushi Chain With 821.99% ROAS from Facebook Ads

YO! Sushi

An immediately recognisable high-street brand, YO! Sushi burst onto the UK restaurant scene in London’s Soho in 1997. Though something familiar in Asia, YO! Sushi pioneered bringing the ‘kaiten’ conveyor belt, incredibly tasty & freshly prepared sushi to the UK on their trademark colour-coded dishes. Fast forward to today and YO! Sushi plays host to some 100 restaurants all over the world, employing nearly 2000 staff.

The Challenge

With an ever-increasing competitive high-street, YO! Sushi were looking to use digital to enable them to sensibly scale their business, by launching in select locations across the UK. In addition to this already gargantuan task, they had also recently expanded into the US market*, and were looking for support to help establish their business and promote the brand to a very different target audience.

Their challenges involved navigating promotional activity whilst dealing with a legacy website, reaching & engaging with local communities surrounding their new location launches, while seeking to maintain and impress their already strong brand on existing a new customers.

Our Solution

We held several initial immersion sessions with the client to understand the scope of the changes that they were undertaking, to integrate with their team and to truly understand the objectives that they were setting about achieving with their prospective expansion. Together, we developed an integrated digital marketing strategy to supporting their ambitions. Then, to put in into action, we united with the internal team, we setting ourselves up to work in an agile & flexible nature, operating as an extension to their organisation to help drive growth & execute on the strategy.

We advised on optimising various aspects of their website, assisting in aiding local visibility to individuals in US cities where their new sites were launching, in addition to their prospective launches in the UK. Following this, we worked to expand & optimise their local presence: securing listings in local directories, identifying & connecting with local influencers, increasing their visibility for localised relevant search terms (e.g. ‘sushi near me’)  and galvanising their owned branded assets and social media profiles.

Knowing that all of this activity would be frivolous without tying our activity back to real-world metrics, something at the core of our offering at Pole Star Digital. We also set about implementing web analytics & tracking leveraging the ability to record business critical actions, such as newsletter sign-ups, gift card purchases and restaurant reservations.

We developed striking creative & attention-commanding ad copy to use in the promotional activity we ran across Facebook & Instagram. Optimising this activity for driving awareness for their soon-to-be-launched sites, reinforcing the already really strong brand. In addition to this, we also setup & executed campaigns driving newsletter sign-ups and all important early reservations.




Facebook Ads

Web Analytics

Digital Consultancy

The Results

We ran numerous PPC, Facebook & Instagram campaigns across multiple sites for YO! Sushi across the UK & the USA. These campaigns were optimised for varying objectives, from:

  • Local brand awareness & reach
  • Email sign up campaigns aimed at increasing the audience
  • Conversion-orientated campaigns aimed at driving restaurant reservations

…these were aimed at delivering: qualified traffic, newsletter sign-ups, pre-launch announcements, and reservations across their ever-expanding footprint across the UK & US.

Across this time we saw multiple successes, from: increasing their database of loyal followers and brand advocates, to driving cost effective reservations utilising targeted PPC advertising, Facebook & Instagram Ads, notably increasing their local organic visibility, as well as driving a significant increase in enquiries and bookings.


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) from Facebook Ads

As with all our activity, this was conducted with a strong emphasis on return on investment which was achieved with an 821.99% ROAS from Facebook Ads & a 1160.23% ROAS from PPC.

Across our time of working with YO! sushi we helped establish their platform from which to grow their locations across the UK & US. We reached tens of thousands of new & prospective customers, leveraged their incredible brand and directly drove thousands of database sign-ups & bookings from social media & PPC. This helped to provide a strategically significant return on ad spend using these channels to help catapulting the brand growth, ultimately delivering real-world value, something we employ in all our work at Pole Star Digital.


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) from PPC

Why us?

Since we were founded in 2015, we have provided an average 4130.07% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for all our Social Media clients.

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*As of 2018 Mayfair Equity Partners (YO! Sushi’s parent company) shuttered their US locations, and in place acquired Canadas Bento Sushi.